Sparrow Tattoo Gallery



Sailor Jerry Tattoos – Classics


332tattoo_gallery_stewed_taWhen it comes to the classic old style tattoos of the sea, there are no better than the sailor jerry tattoos.  The sailor jerry tattoos had humor and included a lot of the elements that went into a sailors life from the drinking to the ladies.  There was a tongue in cheeck approach to the tattoos and the ladies looked lovely.

The most popular designs include our dark haired pin up, the jolly roger, some hearts, stars and lots of rum.  Today you can achieve a much more artistic tattoo, but hold onto the humor of the old school tattoo.

Dagger Tattoos – Protection and Respect


<a href=Dagger Tattoo” width=”350″ height=”520″ />Dagger tattoos have been around as long as their have been tattoos.  A sign of combat as well as a symbol of honor, the sword, knife and dagger have a long tradition with war.  In this day and age where firearms have taken the one on one element out of combat, the dagger is considered an honourable sign of respect for your adversary.

Daggers are generally included in other aspects of a tattoo and can simbolize power and sacrifice.  The Aztecs used the dagger to sacrifice to their gods and the association with the power of the gods and the dagger continue through mythology right up to the modern day.

Skull Tattoos – More Than Just Death


color-skull-tattooThe skull tattoos cover a variety of different genres.  The old school skull included the nautical tattoos of the jolly roger.  The skull and crossbones was depictive of pirates and the lawless of the ocean.  That same lawlessness has followed through to a more modern day skull tattoo genre, but the art of the new skull tattoos is epic.

The skull is a sign of human triumph and a warning to future vanquishes.  Whatever the choice, it is fair to say that death is an ever present aspect of our existance and something that we are all facinated with.

Heart Tattoos – Love and Hurt


Heart-Tattoos2Heart Tattoos are a symbol of love and love lost.  For centuries the symbol of a heart was etched into the skins of men leaving their loved ones behind when they went to wage war.  During WWII servicemen again inked their bodies with the names of their loved ones in hearts.

Recently the heart, which never goes out of fashion, has become a memorial tattoo due to the great loss of life in the war that is now waging abroad.

Sparrow Tattoos – Swift and Stylish


bird-branch-tattoo-mThe swallow is similar to the bluebird tattoo in that they both represent hope, but the swallow is also considered to be a nautical tattoo.  Sailors would celebrate after seeing a swallow as it meant that their journey was almost over and that they were close to land.

For many sailors each journey would be represented by another swallow on their sleeve and a swallow with a dagger through it would mean that they had lost a friend at sea.

Harley Davidson Tattoos – Hard and Fast


Harley Davidson TM TattooFor most people the Harley Davidson tattoo is for long haired bikers and although this is true, there are thousands of people who appreciate the true nature of this motocycle.

Harley Davidson has become the icon of the great outdoors.  The freedom of the road and the adventure of a man and his machine.  There is nothing more amazing that having a harley davidson purring between your legs is a famous quote, so it is no suprise that the harley davidson tattoo will continue to be popular for years to come.

Mermaid Tattoos – Myth and Mystery


nakedmermaidMermaid tattoos have been around as long as their have been sailors and the legend of the daughters of the ocean taking men to their beds and to their graves.  The beauty of the mermaid is infamous, but what is not so clear is what they symbolise.

Mermaids are symbols of seduction and transformation.  Women who have experienced something that has fundamentally changed who they are and has resulted in a more confident, etheric creature will relate to the mermaid.  For men she symbolises seduction and is often depicted as a wanton sex goddess with amble bussom.

Nautical Tattoo – A Modern Version


Nautical tattoos were considered the arena of sailors, but anyone with a love for the ocean will appreciate the symbolism of the nautical star tattoo.  At the end of this video it cuts short when explaining that a tattoo on the elbow should be kept bent until the scabbing is healed or the ink will seep.

It’s important to always consider where you are having a tattoo and what degree of care it will need.

Eagle Tattoos – Freedom and Liberty


patriot-eagle-tattooThe eagle is the emblem of America bepicting freedom and liberty.  As the lion is the king of the jungle, so the eagle is the master of the skies.  In ancient mythology, the eagle was a god of the heavens and the sun.  There are thousands of wonderful eagle tattoos and over the last decade, the eagle tattoo has also experienced a revival with larger more elaborate eagles taking to the skin of soldiers and civilians alike.

With the sybolism of freedom and strength, of liberty and power, they are often embelished with the US flag and military ensignias.